Using Acupuncture to Treat Your Sports Injury

Posted on June 15, 2018 by Family Physicians in Trinity

Acupuncture is hardly a new alternative medical treatment, but it is only recently gaining the credibility it deserves in our modern society. Now, large clinical studies continue to demonstrate the ability of acupuncture to significantly reduce and improve function for patients with sports injuries and other forms of pain. If you are suffering from an acute or chronic sports injury and want to seek a natural treatment for your pain, acupuncture could be the answer.

What Exactly Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture was developed by the ancient Chinese as a system of pricking the skin with needles in order to treat a variety of physical, mental, and emotional conditions. According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture targets specific points located on the body that, when triggered, release a flow of energy and stimulate the body’s healing process in order to bring everything back into balance. Western science explains this in terms of stimulating nerves, muscles, and connective tissue to activate the body’s natural painkillers and circulation.

How Does Acupuncture Improve and Heal Sports Injuries?

The slight irritation of the needles used in acupuncture promotes blood flow to the area of injury to stimulate healing. This helps tight muscles release and supports healing as the body overcomes the poor patterns of movement that cause pain. This is exactly why so many professional sports teams keep acupuncturists on staff, and also why more and more athletes are learning to utilize acupuncture as a preventative measure that can help to ward off injuries.

Athletes train hard and push their bodies to the limit every day, but this takes a severe toll on the body. The back, hips, legs, and knees are most affected by athletic activity and running. Fortunately, acupuncture needles can get directly to deep muscle bands to alleviate pain and trigger healing deep within the body. Regular biweekly or monthly treatments have proven to be a vital component of injury prevention and maintenance for athletes across the spectrum.

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