The Best Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age

Posted on March 20, 2017 by Family Physicians in Trinity

The Best Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy As You Age

Alzheimer’s Disease has become a high profile disease over the past ten years, especially as doctors and scientists invest heavily in determining what new treatments could prevent, minimize, or even reverse the affects of mental decline. Though a bit of forgetfulness over the years is nearly inevitable, there are many different steps you can easily take to boost your brain power as you age. These strategies might even reduce your risk of sustaining significant age-related memory loss in later life.

Stimulate Your Mind and Body

We all know that physical exercise is always good for the body. After all, it sends oxygen-rich blood flowing through the body, encourages the development of new brain cell connections and nerve cells, and fights a number of unwanted diseases like diabetes and obesity. But it’s also equally as important to exercise your mind as well. Mental stimulation helps brain cells forge new and lasting connections, which basically protect against future cell (and memory) loss. Crossword puzzles, painting, and crafts are all excellent sources of mental stimulation to keep your brain young.

Boost Your Health

This one might be easier said than done, but as your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol improve, so will your brain health. Diabetes is actually a major risk factor for dementia, and high blood pressure in midlife increases the chances of cognitive decline in later years. For these reasons and many more, opting for nutritious food can make all the difference.

Don’t Play High Impact Sports

Traumatic brain injuries (TBA) like concussions cause potentially lasting damage to the brain, and every new injury further places the brain at risk of cognitive decline. In fact, concussions increase the risk of dementia by a factor of 10. If needed, switch to a safer hobby that doesn’t place your head in harm’s way.

Of course, visiting your doctor on a regular basis and undergoing preventative exams and testing will help your doctor at Family Physicians of Trinity efficiently identify any warning signs of cognitive decline and support you in your efforts to live the healthiest life possible. Give them a call today at 727-861-7043 to schedule your appointment and give your brain some TLC.