How Do You Pass a DOT Exam?

Posted on January 15, 2018 by Family Physicians in Trinity

How Do You Pass a DOT Exam?

As the organization responsible for serving the United States by providing a “fast, safe, efficient, accessible, and convenient transportation system that meets vital national interests and enhances the quality of life of the American people,” the Department of Transportation (DOT) must hold its employees to the strictest standards. The DOT must also oversee employees from other companies whose jobs can impact both their own safety and the safety of the public.

The DOT physical is used to ensure that all such employees are in good enough health to work safely and avoid situations that would endanger the general public. The largest group of employees subject to the DOT physical is truck drivers. Whether you are looking to begin working as a driver or continue your employment, you must pass your DOT exam. Here are the main points you should know to help the process run smoothly!

Come Prepared

The DOT understands your health will not be perfect, but you do need to come prepared to your exam with all necessary documents and supplementary health items. If you have vision problems, bring along your glasses or contacts. If you have diabetes, come with your most recent lab results for Hemoglobin A1C and blood sugar.

Vision and Hearing

You already know that vision and hearing are paramount to safe driving, and your exam needs to demonstrate your clear ability to use both senses effortlessly. As a driver, you must have at least 20/40 acuity in each eye (with or without corrective glasses or lenses). You are also required to have a 70” peripheral vision in each eye. As for hearing, you need to successfully identify a “forced whisper” from a distance of five feet.

Physical Exam

In addition to a urinalysis, you will also undergo a physical exam that checks for everything from glaucoma and heart murmurs to muscle weakness, limitation of motion, and impaired equilibrium. A medical examiner certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will evaluate your body from your head and eyes down to your feet in order to declare you fit for the job.

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